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Join Dr. Klein’s Healthy Heart Program

sii0umvnSix, 1 hour classes designed to give you natural strategies to transform your health.

Benefit from this revolutionary, natural and safe method designed to lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and or blood sugar… naturally!

Why join Dr. Klein’s Healthy Heart Program?

Education is the key to understanding, treating and curing what ails you.

With cardiovascular disease being a leading cause of death in the western world, one needs to be armed with the tools to help them not become a statistic.

In Dr. Klein’s Healthy Heart Program, you will learn the true reasons why cardiovascular disease is still a leading cause of death, which affects even individuals who take their heart medications and who follow a supposedly “healthy” diet.

Dr. Klein’s Healthy Heart Program is a vehicle to guide you, and mentor you on how to improve your high blood pressures, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity with the right kind of diet, nutrition and life style changes

Trusted, Proven Methods.

For over a decade now, Elie Klein a board licensed Naturopathic doctor, has  been helping people just like you reach their health goals … naturally.

Dr. Klein’s Healthy Heart program is the safest, most effective method to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and other risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

People have often seen results in as little as a month. Other aspects of ill health improve considerably as well (joint aches, sleep, digestion, weight, energy levels. etc.)

*Results vary and program compliance is needed.

Achieve Great Health.

As you implement what you learn you’ll regain your health and vitality and will  likely be in a position to reduce or eliminate the need for medications.

Imagine living without the burden of these medical conditions and reducing your risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and many other life threatening ailments associated with cardiovascular disease.

Instead imagine living a life full of energy and vitality!

*             *             *

Classes are offered at several locations in the GTA and soon will be  on line as webinars. The first class is free of charge, it constitutes a summary for the entire course and is packed with practical information and suggestions to help you reverse the kinds of risk factors described here. You will be under no obligation or pressure to register for the complete course, nor will you be refused registration if you can’t afford the course fee.

Although not mandatory, participants will be encouraged to undergo blood tests by their doctors for blood lipids, markers of inflammation, blood sugar levels and thyroid levels before the program and at the end of the program.

Click here to find out upcoming locations and dates and to register send an email to contact@drkleinhealthyheart.com or call 416−222−1300

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